~ Awaken your imagination. Reconnect with wonder. ~
As we endeavor to build our adult lives on a solid foundation, our ambitions can lead us astray. It's easy to become disenchanted with life. Where we once inspected the world with eyes of wonder, things in the "grown-up" world can start to feel routine and we lose touch with our youthful sense of joy and reverence for the mysterious....
We forget to ask what if...
What if you could access that same feeling you felt as a kid chasing fireflies on a summer day?

What if you could revisit the feeling of racing down the steps to unwrap the treasure left behind by a man who snuck down the chimney?

These moments become harder to come by as we hustle and grind into adulthood.

Let's take a breather and indulge in an evening of mystery and magic...
Magician Mike Slavin Presents
The Wonder Dinner
The Wonder Dinner is hosted in the comfort of your own home or workplace shared with friends and colleagues wanting to reconnect to the magic in life.

Here's how it works...
The Delicious Meal
First enjoy laughter and hearty conversation as you indulge in a variety of succulent flavors. Your meal will be catered by one of our partner restaurants and we'll help you pick the best fit for your occasion.
The Miracle Fruit
Next you'll get to experience dessert: The Miracle Fruit. These tiny berries magically transform the taste of food. Take a bite and then taste a lemon: the famously bitter fruit suddenly becomes incredibly sweet.
The Magic Show
The grand finale is a mind-altering magic show designed to reconnect you with your childlike sense of wonder. Encounter the impossible and smile at that which you cannot explain. Feel like a kid again.
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